Uppsala University Sintec project Coordinator


Uppsala University is the highest-ranking comprehensive research university in Sweden and among the top 20 in Europe.

In the project, the University is represented by two groups from the Department of Engineering Sciences: the Microsystem Technology (MST) programme and the Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group, MMG.

  • MST programme has dedicated SoA laboratory for elastomers and microfluidic stretchable electronics, as well as several laboratories for microfluidics in life science, medical technology, environmental and space applications. MST is the second largest stakeholder in the micro- and nanoprocessing area of the 2,000 sqm MSL cleanroom at the Angstrom Laboratory, which is part of the Myfab national cleanroom infrastructure consortium (providing access to Lund Univ’s, KTH’s and Chalmers’ cleanroom laboratories). By a generous donation by the KAW foundation, MST is responsible for the back-end line in the cleanroom, which provides most of the advanced microfabrication and packaging that will be needed in the project.
  • The Microwaves in Medical Engineering Group, MMG, is a leading group in Sweden in Microwave sensors and intra-body communication. MMG has developed novel concepts of non-invasive sensors for monitoring osteoporosis and using human fat tissue as communication landscape for establishing large on/in body sensor networks. MMG has full-fledged characterization and testing lab for the validation of intra-body networks on human in-vitro models. MMG works very intensively with Clinicians and are involved in many clinical trials of medical sensors within Sweden and Holland.


UU is the Project Coordinator and leader of WP3 and WP4.

Its research focus will be on:

  1. Microfluidic stretchable PCB technology, forwarding it to A4 rigid-stretch PCB technology with MC, and providing several generations of rigid-stretch PCB based stretchable intelligent sensor nodes to other partners.
  2. Fat-IBC technology, assisting in Fat-IBC networking protocol development and multi sensorial data gathering; characterizing Fat-IBC in different physiological landscape models of human body; security integration to Fat IBC; and characterizing Fat-IBC on subject volunteers.

In Dissemination and Exploitation, UU will work on scientific dissemination at conferences and in scientific publication, and assisting the industrial partners in their dissemination and exploitation.

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MIUN Sintec


The Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre at Mid Sweden University (MIUN) is a unique, world-renowned laboratory that studies winter sports on both the national and international levels, with a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and the development of technology for monitoring physiological responses, biomechanics, and performance. During the past five years, they have focused primarily on understanding the specific technical demands imposed by contemporary skiing techniques. With respect to physiology, the center focuses on factors that limit sports performance, i.e., maximal aerobic capacity/power and work economy/efficiency, as well as energy metabolism during different modes of
exercise. Our research encompasses measurements both in and outside of the laboratory of muscular strength/power/endurance and of motor control/performance.


  • Establish protocols for physiological testing, evaluate and demonstrate the applicability of electrophysiological and biomechanical sensors (accuracy, ease of use and comfort) based on rigid stretch PCB technology under both laboratory and outdoor conditions.
  • Assisting the industrial partners in their dissemination and exploitation.
  • Making scientific dissemination at conferences and in scientific publications.

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STMicroelectronics is one of the World’s largest semiconductor companies. ST focuses its product strategy on sense and power technologies, automotive products, and embedded-processes solutions and it is among the world leaders in broad range of segments. ST products are found everywhere microelectronics makes a positive and innovative contribution to people’s lives: from energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play.


  • Research and development about the electronics for the stretchable wearable device
  • Supporting the characterization and improvement of the stretchable technology, in terms of functionality
    and reliability
  • Supporting the research and development of the intra-body communication subsystem
  • Supporting the characterization of the wearable sensor system
  • Contributing to the definition and execution of the industrial exploitation strategies
  • Making scientific dissemination at conferences and in scientific publications

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MySphera logo new


MYSPHERA SL is a fast-growing global company based in Valencia, Spain, dedicated to developing and commercialize its location & workflow systems that are tailored to the needs of acute care hospitals, which it has successfully proven in several installations world-wide and it is already leading the Spanish market. Its vision is to empower Clinicians, Patients, and Healthcare Management worldwide with smart sensor driven on-demand actionable information and data analytics to improve patient care outcomes while increasing efficient management of resources in hospitals, senior living, and patient homes. MYSPHERA’s solution gives hospitals flexibility and speed, so they can analyse and react using real-time information, creating improved operational efficiency in their organization and safe hard money.


  • WP5 Leader;
  • Overall architecture design;
  • Implementation of the FIWARE middleware;
  • Overall system integration, verification and technical support;
  • Contribution in WP8: Demonstrators for application in Sports and Clinic

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Evalan sintec


Evalan is an engineering and innovation company based in Amsterdam and Philadelphia. Evalan develops, markets and sells products and services that use SoA communications technology, with focus on controls, remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” solutions. To support the delivery of these products and services, Evalan develops mobile devices and sensor units, data management systems, data processing algorithms and user interfaces on various platforms. Evalan works in cooperation with international technology partners and universities, and executes projects for industrial companies, hospitals, research organizations, the Dutch army and various departments of the Dutch government.


EVALAN will support the integration of stretchable sensors into the SINTEC platform and provide aggregation systems for data collection and relaying. EVALAN will lead the demonstrator activities with particular focus on lower extremity trauma rehabilitation activities applying the SINTEC technology.

  • Overall architecture design
  • Implementation of the FIWARE middleware
  • IoT gateway and integration of sensors
  • Demonstrator in lower extremity trauma rehabilitation

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Mycronic S


Mycronic AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production solutions to the electronics industry. The company has almost 1000 employees of which approximately half are located in Sweden. The development of commercially viable products is of primary importance for the company. The formulation of the company’s development roadmap is dependent on the active surveillance of the needs of our customers and the trends of existing and developing markets, as well as an attempt by the organization to foresee disruptive developments. An important of this process is to partake in academic partnerships and follow what is happening at the forefront of academic research. One of these areas is understanding and partaking in the development of new pick-and-place and material deposition strategies that will be used in the electronics industry.


  • Advancement and testing of production strategies for rigid-stretch PCB technology;
  • Study of the industrial manufacturability and related issues;
  • Production of a series of demonstrators for use in the laboratory, outdoors, and in a clinical environment.

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Warrant Hub Sintec


Warrant Hub S.p.A. is a privately held consultancy services company that provides full-spectrum consulting in business finance. The European Funding Division (EFD) team provides consultancy, training and support on European Funding opportunities, and in the preparation, negotiation and management of European Proposals, particularly on H2020 calls. EFD offers also support for communication and dissemination activities, and periodically participates into and organizes sectional seminars and networking events with/for industrial associations, SMEs, policy makers, etc. thus having the opportunity to disseminate the project results to relevant audiences.


  • Project Manager (WP1), providing support to the Project Coordinator for administrative and legal management, consortium management, project monitoring, periodic reporting as well as risk management.
  • WP9 Leader for the dissemination, training and communication activities. Warrant Hub will be responsible of the project website, will prepare the communication materials and coordinate communication actions, as well as organize targeted events.

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