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About the Workshop

The SINTEC workshop “Smart Stretchable Patches as Sport Performance Appliances” is addressed to professionals, athletes and students interested in discovering the new technology SINTEC project is developing. The aim is to present the initial activity done and the innovation potential SINTEC will bring to the competitive sport field. Researchers and professionals from across Europe will participate in the event to share their knowledge and discuss SINTEC Smart Patches with the audience.

>>The event free of charge, only registration needed


FIRST DAY | Monday 27-09-2021

Wearable technologies in winter sports: Physiology and Biomechanics

> 14:00 pm | Hans-Christer Holmberg, Matej Supej (Mid Sweden University, University of Ljubljana)

Wearable technology in summer/team sports    

>14:45 pm | Nina Verdel & Miha Drobnič  (Mid Sweden University) 

Artificial tissue emulating phantom models for biomedical applications        

>15:45 pm | Robin Augustine/ Mauricio Perez (Uppsala University)

Fat-IBC: A new paradigm in Body-Area Communication  

>16:30 pm | Robin Augustine/ Mauricio Perez (Uppsala University)

SECOND DAY | Tuesday 28-09-2021

BP cuff-less retrieval          

>14:00 pm | Guido Pagana (LINKS Foundation)

Hardware Technology for Smart Patches

>14:45 pm | Klas Hjort (Uppsala University, Mycronic)

IoT solutions and communication between devices     

>15:45 pm | Hashim Quraishi (Evalan), (Mysphera)

Round-Up & Open Questions    

>16:30 pm | All partners  


For Further Information

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