20 September 2023

On September 14th, 2023, SINTEC project partners met for the last time in Taby (Sweden) at Mycronic premises for the SINTEC Final Review Meeting. At the meeting, the EU Project Officer Elena Koukarenko was present in-person while the two project reviewers were connected online. The objective of the final review meeting was to show the main results achieved to the Officer and Reviewers, demonstrating also the technology developed in the project.

The meeting started with a short summary given by the project coordinator, Klas Hjort, of all the achieved results, the challenges encountered and how the consortium was able to solve them. During the morning, every work package leader showed the details of the activities performed in the last year and the results achieved as a whole. The main results beyond state of the art of digital manufacturing of stretchable printed wire boards for active patches and flat cables using in electrophysiological monitoring have been the followings:

  1. The very low life cycle costs realised in such manufacturing
  2. The realisation of ECG monitoring in water by the use of supercooled liquid Ga micro electrode arrays.
  3. The phantoms developed for Fat-IBC laboratory tests
  4. The AI based algorithms for blood pressure monitoring
  5. The very stable and precise monitoring of steps in laboratory by the use of the ultra-small and low-power MORFEA electronic module in a smart patch.

A detailed description of all the results achieved is available on the Project Results page of this website.

The afternoon started with a short visit to Mycronic premises; then, the demonstration of the SINTEC patch manufacturing process and the functioning of the SINTEC platform were perform.

The meeting closed with some suggestion from the Officer and the Reviewers and with a general appreciation for the work done, the results achieved and the great collaboration among partners.

Here you can find some pictures of the meeting.