04 July 2023

This is the recording of SINTEC’s Final Webinar held on June 27th. During the digital event, we delved into the world of stretchable electronics, exploring the cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions developed by SINTEC. From flexible sensors and wearable devices to stretchable circuits and bioelectronic systems, the possibilities are truly awe-inspiring. Witness the seamless integration of electronics with human-centric applications, enabling a new era of personalized healthcare, sports monitoring, and beyond. Immerse yourself in the realm of stretchable electronics, where form meets function in the most remarkable ways. Join us on this exciting journey as we uncover the future of electronics and showcase how SINTEC is leading the way in revolutionizing the field. Don’t miss out on this insightful and visually captivating video that highlights the transformative impact of stretchable electronics. Watch the video now and be inspired by the boundless potential of this groundbreaking technology!

Watch the recording below!