15 January 2022

A first SINTEC hardware has been realized during the first months of the project and it is currently under test and evaluation. The main objective now is to add some functionalities and simplify the connections between stretchable patches and hardware itself. The system is under evaluation to understand the performances. Moreover, a work on the firmware is started: the idea is to unify the firmware for all the platform used for the usages of different modules at the same time and to reduce power consumption. On the same way is the development of new algorithms for bio medical signals detection (blood pressure, SPO2, motion and breath rate). The goal is to have a much more as possible unified structure to simplify the future integration job of new device and modules.  

The first advanced phantom model 

For what concern a part of the hardware system of SINTEC’s device, the phantom model, representing a torso-belly part model of an obese human model, has been finished. Currently the testing phase is active. The prototype each for the Fat-IBC patch and BLE patch, is in evaluation and comparison phase. The next phases will included the study of the better encapsulation use.

Designing of the new SINTEC hardware