//EVALAN experience in SINTEC project

EVALAN experience in SINTEC project

14 January 2019 | Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

We met Rebecca Clarke, Chief Operating Officer of EVALAN, during the 2nd Technical Meeting in Amsterdam. Listen to this brief interview about EVALAN’s role in the project.

What is Evalan developing inside SINTEC Project’s frame?

Rebecca Clarke: Evalan is developing an aggregate for the SINTEC Project and we are interested in creating a mobile aggregator which collects data from the on-body sensors and delivers it to the cloud. There are two protocols that should be utilised within the development which are BLE and FAT-IBC.

What are the main challenges SINTEC Project is facing or will eventually be facing?

Rebecca Clarke: It’s important for Evalan to participate in this project to progress our development in biometric monitoring. In Evalan we want to improve our development and implementation in this area to allow us to stay relevant in biometric technology. Of course, all projects have challenges, and the main challenges for Evalan in this project would be been able to scale the technology down enough to make a suitable aggregator for the required use cases, being successful in developing FAT-IBC communication working from the aggregator, and bringing data into the cloud.

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