03 May 2022

On April 29th MDPI revised and published the latest scientific paper by SINTEC‘s Partners Guido Pagana and Valeria Figini from LINKS Foundation titled: “Improving Cuff-Less Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation with Linear Regression Analysis“.

In this work, the authors investigate the cuff-less estimation of continuous BP through pulse transit time (PTT) and heart rate (HR) using regression techniques, which is intended as a first step towards continuous BP estimation with a low error, according to AAMI guidelines. Hypertension (the ‘silent killer’) is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), which are the main cause of death worldwide. Its continuous monitoring can offer a valid tool for patient care, as blood pressure (BP) is a significant indicator of health and, using it together with other parameters, such as heart and breath rates, could strongly improve prevention of CVDs.