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One Smart Patch to rule them all! | Interview with Alessandro Gumiero

29 July 2022

Certainly the SINTEC Summer School was the perfect opportunity to be able to do networking activities and to be able to show many students and professionals the steps forward and the results of the project that also presented and tested its prototype.

On the occasion, the professionals and experts of SINTEC also lent themselves to short interviews on four different themes but closely linked to the prototype developed by the Project.

Today we share with you the interview we realised to Alessandro Gumiero (STMicroelectronics). Alessandro Gumiero joined the SRA laboratory of STMicroelectronics, where he developed his skills in electronic design and acquired new expertise in the analysis of biological signals. His research focused on the  detection of the PhotoPlethysmoGraphy (PPG) signal on the wrist in motion condition, both with traditional techniques and, recently, with more innovative sensors, like single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) and SPAD cameras. Currently, he is, within the SRA Remote Monitoring Team, the responsible of the electronic and mechanical part and co-responsible of the algorithm part for the development of innovative patches for ECG and BIO signals monitoring.

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