17 March 2022

Our project partner, Prof. Matej Supej from University of Ljubljana, participated to the 4th Scientific Conference SPE Balkan Ski: science, practice and education from March 13th to the 17th, 2022. During the event, he had the chance to talk about SINTEC project in his talk entitled »Monitoring alpine skiing performance using wearable technologies«: the talked focused on the need of a reliable assessment of performance for alpine skiers. Previous research led to conclusions that wearable technology represents the edge in order to be able to obtain 3D kinematics of the entire course, unlike camera-based systems that allow only a very limited part of the course to be analysed. Such wearable systems nowadays, with the help of biomechanical modeling and/or artificial intelligence, already enable gate-to-gate timing and analysis of trajectories, speeds, energy losses, to some extent resistance and friction during skiing, skiing techniques. Advances in technology already today allow, to a certain extent, accurate biomechanical real-time analysis of performance over the entire ski course. In the future, however, a new kind of patch-like sensors can be expected, e.g. SINTECs that will be practically “invisible” and capable of simultaneously capturing both biomechanical and physiological parameters in conjunction with advanced software that will further facilitate data analysis.

Read more info about this speech on the event book of abstract: https://www.zrs-kp.si/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/2022-SPE-book-of-abstracts.pdf