Connection, communication, and progress are the three-magic words of SINTEC’s project

10 January 2022

SINTEC can count on three fundamental steps for the spread of the knowledge that it has generated.  

1-Development of the networking platform 

During 19th and 20th months, the work has also been focused on the integration of key components of the architecture. In one side, a partner has been working in the integration of the FHIR API with the FIWARE platform cloud-based core component: The Orion Context broker. In the other side another partner has been working in the integration of the body sensors and the body gateway. They have been working also in the configuration of the MQTT protocol for transferring the data from the gateway to the Orion Context broker. Finally, the partners involved have been working in preparing prototypes for demonstration purposes. 

2-Communication and dissemination of results 

For what concerns communication, the website and social media have been continuously updated. SINTEC project website has become one of the three finalists for the category LAURELS at the web awards. Then, the project’s website has received the award as best website at the 2020 .eu web awards for the category dedicated to EU projects, educational institution and charitable organizations.

Sintec winner of the 2020 .eu web awardsConnection, communication, and progress are the three-magic word of SINTEC’s project

Two workshop have been organized to spread the knowledge of the project: the first one about “Smart Stretchable Patches as Sport Performance Appliances” on 27th-28th of September 2021 was addressed to professionals, athletes and students interested in discovering the new technology SINTEC project is developing; the second one about “Smart Stretchable Patches” on 20th October 2021 was addressed to professionals, doctors and students interested in the SINTEC device. Moreover, in the following months another important event for the project is expected: a school. The objective of this meeting will be to bring together the main companies and stakeholders of the international electronic sector and most important research centres in Europe to share news related to wearable devices for health and sport. The SINTEC School aims to train and inform participants about innovations developed by the SINTEC project and to encourage the exchange of knowledge among the participants. 

Regarding dissemination, the events have been postponed, because of COVID19 pandemics. Despite this, the scientific analysis never stopped, and this enable the partners to publish scientific articles on specialist journals, on the project website and on Research Gate.  

3-Managing a research and innovation action’s projects 

Connection, communication, and progress are the three-magic word of SINTEC’s project 2

During the 19th and 20th months of activities, the project dealt with technical and administrative and financial issues, monitoring on the other side also the project scientific progress. Especially, a fruitful collaboration among partners for the preparation of the Periodic Reporting has emerged. Especially a regular appointment through remote meetings, has developed a good practice for the project’s partners in the monitoring and reporting the progress. Plus, internal communication tools (mailing, calls, Project Collaborative Space) are part of the daily management of the SINTEC project, and this practice is very useful for the progress monitoring.  
Finally, those weeks has been useful for the organisation of the Technical Periodic meeting, a crucial point for the cooperation of partners.  

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