22 October 2021

SINTEC project participated at the workshop entitled “Microelectronics for Health” organized by Sapienza University on October 11th, 2021. The event was a hybrid event, organized in person in Rome but also online; for the occasion, our project partner, Alessandro Gumiero from STMicroelectronics, participated with a presentation about Market chip for ECG/EEG and he had the opportunity to present also the work done in SINTEC project.

In its second edition, the Workshop aimed to give a current framework on a Italian scale of the research activities carried out in the field of microelectronics for health. This year it was decided to focus the interventions in two particularly topical contexts, telemedicine and medicine of precision. There were interventions by researchers from the academy, industry and examples of effective collaborations between engineers and doctors and testimonials of field trials were given, as well as examples of synergies between academy and companies. Space was given also to technology transfer, with contributions by large and small companies engaged in the production of electronic devices and systems for telemedicine and research in the field of precision medicine. The final discussion was intended to stimulate sharing of topics and research methods, to create aggregations aimed at applying to national funding calls and Europeans, to solicit companies that produce or use the microelectronics to explore new fields of application in the field of health.

Here’s some pictures of the event!