//EVALAN IoT Innovation Day 2020

EVALAN IoT Innovation Day 2020

16 – 17 January 2019 | Uppsala (Sweden)

On April 2nd, 2020 SINTEC project will be in Amsterdam for the EVALAN IoT Innovation Days, an event that will highlight the latest trends in IoT, inspire with innovative cases and give the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge.

The Internet of Things has become an inherent part of our everyday lives and even more devices are getting connected. It has made huge differences in various industries and offers a lot of opportunities. Think of hospitals that are able to use sensors to monitor patients more effectively and manufacturing companies that can remotely monitor their machinery to predict failures and maintenance. These are just two examples of how IoT affects areas of our lives. But how do these IoT solutions come into being? What are the needs and solution requirements that need to be met? What are the latest IoT developments? During our IoT Innovation Day, EVALAN will answer these questions.

SINTEC is proud to be part of the event!

The location and speakers program will be announced shortly.

You can subscribe for the event at the following link: https://evalan.com/en/evalan-iot-innovation-day-2020/

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