04 February 2021

Fat-IBC stands for “Intra-Body Communication through the Fat tissue” and it is one of SINTEC´s breakthrough pillars. The activities have so far been focused on the technology development of the antennas and interfaces for Fat-IBC, including the realization of functional prototypes, as well as of anthropomorphic tissue emulating (ATE) phantom devices: this platform is really innovative and it allows to test the SINTEC smart patches our researchers are developing, reducing the number of human trails and animal experimentation.

Smart patch with Fat-IBC interface

Researchers started working on Fat-IBC from the very beginning in fact Fat-IBC interface technology has preliminary been evaluated in laboratory settings. After this first evaluation, two solutions for Fat-IBC antennas and interfaces has been identified and evaluated and one of them integrated in some of the SINTEC smart patch solutions. Moreover, ATE phantom platform has been improved including 3D printing mould and more realistic materials: specifically, two advanced ATE phantom models have been realised and they are used, at the moment, in smart patch testing.

We will update you soon about the latest news in this field of research, STAY TUNED!

Uppsala University