//SINTEC project in 2019: interview with Klas Hjort

SINTEC project in 2019: interview with Klas Hjort

14 January 2019 | Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

We met the Project Coordinator, Klas Hjort, during the 2nd Technical Meeting in Amsterdam and we decided to take a brief interview. Read below and watch the video!

What have been the most important achievements of SINTEC Project in 2019?

Klas Hjort: Well, first of all we have started to work together for a common understanding, we created a really good team spirit between the partners. Also, I would like to lift dissemination activities, with the good website and the excellent video that we have made. As it comes to technical highlights, I’d say the novel multisensory modules from ST Microelectronics.

Of course, to create the twenty demonstrators of stretchable sensor nodes made by PCB technology was a great achievement and the realisation from Mycronic of a dedicated laboratory for the project shows their commitment and promises very well for this year. Otherwise, I’d say it has been a team effort. Everyone has worked hard to realise an understanding and to prepare for the coming years, so we stand well for this year.

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